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After 20 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team.

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Scientific mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  

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Mitochondrial Toxicity Assessment


 Mitochondrial toxicity has contributed at least in part to attrition of numerous drugs from the market. In addition, many marketed drugs which carry black box labels, also exhibit mitochondrial toxicity. With the population living longer and mitochondrial function naturally declining with age and patients more often taking multiple drugs, it is of utmost importance to develop new medicines that are void of mitochondrial toxicity. Over the years I developed a screening paradigm based on testing new chemical entities in isolated mitochondria as well as a variety of cell base screens, which are available at several CROs around the world which can be used to screen out mitochondrial toxicity. 

Predictive Safety Assessment


 Discovering drugs with good efficacy and safety profiles is a complex and difficult task. Drug discovery toxicology begins with the target safety review and ends with translation biomarkers. A variety of mechanisms contribute to organ toxicities which prevent new drugs from advancing into the clinic.  We specialize in mechanistic toxicology to assess new chemical entities using a variety of in silico and in vitro tools in partnership with CROs and research and academic institutes worldwide.

We educate and advise on preclinical drug screening issues and strategies to reduce safety-related attrition. 

Science & Technology Innovation


 We work with you from idea to implementation, identify gaps, scout out science and/or technology solutions/partners. 

We provide guidance on experimental design, contract negotiations, project management with focus on implementation.

Our experience in multiple disease areas and partner lines (Medicinal Chemistry, ADME, Drug Safety, Pharmacology) will help develop your road-map to preclinical success, including new Digital and AI-based solutions.

Large-Molecule Recovery and Purification


 Educate and advise on large molecule recovery and purification schemes. Work with CROs to deliver recovery/purification trains to meet your needs.  

Large-Molecule Reagent Provision Management


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Scientific and Technical Documentation


 From manuscripts, scientific articles and books to users guides, manuals, PowerPoint presentations and posters we have done it all and are here to help you.  

About Us

Yvonne Will, PhD



I am a biochemist with 4 years’ experience in Biotech and 15 years’ experience in large Pharma. My expertise is diverse and spans a wide range of drug discovery skills, such as discovery biology, chemistry, discovery toxicology and technology implementation as well as experience in development of junior and senior colleagues and management of matrix organizations. I am nationally and internationally recognized through my publication record and my extensive collaborations.

My first work experience was as a program lead in a biotechnology company pioneering mitochondrial targets to cure metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. My group utilized biochemical, molecular, analytical and omics applications to identify and validate new targets. 

I joined Pfizer La Jolla in 2003 as a Mitochondrial Biology and Toxicology Expert.  During this time I demonstrated a strong talent for technology development and implementation. In addition, my group supported target biology and validation for numerous projects in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, rare diseases, CNS related diseases and oncology.

From 2007 – 2014 I was part of the medicinal chemistry community in Groton, CT where I made significant contributions to Pfizer’s Drug Discovery Toxicology Paradigm. I pioneered numerous early safety assessment tools and assays for series and chemical lead compound characterization and deployed them internally and at CROs.  Today, most of large Pharma have adapted my platform technologies. I enjoy the mentorship and development of junior and senior colleagues, students and postdocs.

From 2014 until 2019 I was appointed as the Technology Strategy and Innovation Lead: I led numerous projects from idea to implementation of enterprise wide technology (Pharm Sci, Chemistry, ADME, and Safety) including digital programs. Managed over 60 collaborations national and international ranging from $250k - $12M deals. Strategy development, work plans, contract negotiations, alliance management, communication plans, metrics and implementation. 

I obtained my MS and PhD in Biochemistry/Biophysics from Oregon State University with the Distinguished Professor Donald Reed, studying chemical and drug induced oxidative stress and its effect on glutathione status in various organs, cells and organelles.

I have > 70 publications, >20 invited chapters, >100 national and international invited presentations and has edited 4 books. I have conducted numerous continuing education course and workshops and has mentored MS and PhD students as well as postdocs. I held an Adjunct Professor position at the University of San Diego and currently lectures at UCONN and Harvard Public School of Health. 

I received the Connecticut Women in Innovation and Leadership Award (2013) and am a Fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences (2015).

Jefry Shields, MSc



I have worked in the Biotech/Pharma industry for 18 years. During this time I have worked in process development hands on and with external partners to produce product recovery and purification procedures for micrograms to kilograms for hundreds of large molecule targets. I have worked with product streams from bacteria, mammalian cell lines, insect cell lines, mammalian tissues/fluids and plants to produce pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes and large molecule reagents for research and development. I offer a breadth of knowledge and experience to help you and your recovery and purification projects to succeed and meet your timelines. I have a deep knowledge of the analytical support you need to accomplish your goals and a broad network of partners who can provide the analytical studies to back you and your projects. I can provide project management to bring you success in your endeavors and strong partnerships and alliances to ensure short term realization of goals or long term continuity.

Process Validation

A project in BioPharma to validate chromatography resin lifetime cycled a seven column purification train's resins >150 cycles to study the ability for each resin to achieve viral clearance for the chromatographic steps.

Process Development

Developed scaleable recovery and purification schemes for multiple large molecules from industrial enzymes (low cost with quantity prioritized) to Biotherapeutics (cost conscious with purity prioritized) from production vehicles ranging from bacterial to mammalian to plants.

Large Molecule Reagent Provision

Managed the design, cloning and production of hundreds of large molecule reagents through contract research organizations for assay development and assay support for Large Pharma therapeutic areas like Cardiovascular, CNS, Inflammation etc.